Visor Masks


Filtra® Visor Masks are surgical masks with an Anti-Fogging optical visor attached to the mask. These masks are commonly used in surgery where there is fluid splash back or particle splintering , wherein the user needs to protect their eyes also. The Visor mask is not only commonly used by Orthopaedic and Dental surgeons but also in the industrial sector, for functions such as welding, drilling etc. where the users eyes need protection. It can be a more cost effective and comfortable option to wearing safety goggles, particularly for users who wear spectacles.

This product is available in Filtra® brand or private label/OEM. Client packaging can be developed as per the requirement in boxes or pouches for hospital requirements.

Performance Features:

  • 4-Ply or 3-Ply Tie-On/Ear Loop Mask with Anti Fog Optical Visor
  • 175 Micron Anti Fogging PET Optical Clarity Visor
  • Black Fabric Strip over noseclip deflect light glare
  • Long and soft PU Foam Strip under extended longer nose clip for additional user comfort and reduce fogging.
  • Available in Blue/Green/White/Pink/Yellow or Carbon Mask for industrial use
  • Strong 90 cm Tie Bands, 40 Gsm, prevents tie snapping or thicker 4 mm soft latex free elastic loops
  • Malleable longer 130 mmPE coated aluminium nose-clip prevents air leakage
  • Nelson Labs USA Test Reports
  • High Bacteria Filtration *(4-Ply: BFE>99%)
  • Low Breathing Resistance* (4-Ply: Delta P < 49,0 Pa)
  • Fluid Repellent Masks available *(4-Ply:Splash Resistance > 120 mmHg)
  • 4-Ply adheres to European Class EN 14683 Type II R, CE marked.