Filtra® Shower Caps are machine made low density polyethylene caps used mainly in the hospitality industry and home us as shower caps. The caps are made using virgin transparent LDPE, no less than 25 microns and ultrasonically sealed with double string elastic.

Performance Features:

  • The cap construction is the same as nonwoven bouffant caps, except the nonwoven is substituted for 100 gauge virgin transparent LDPE
  • Used as a shower cap or where protection from liquids is required. Very popular in hotels, spas, hair salons, food industry etc
  • Available in Standard/Large/X-Large i.e. 18”/21”/24”
  • Packing in Polypacks or Duplex Dispensers

This product is available in Filtra®brand or private label/OEM. Client packaging can be developed as per the requirement in branded plain pouches to which a sticker can be added or duplex boxes.