Duck Bill (V Shape) Flat Fold Respirators


Filtra®Flat fold Duck Bill N95 Particulate Respirators conform to the NIOSH N95 criteria for filter efficiency as stated in the 42 CFR Part 84.181 as > 95% (<5% penetration). Additionally, the respirators conform to the inhalation and exhalation resistance criteria as stated in the 42 CFR Part 84.180. Filtra®Flat fold Duck Bill Mask is also available with EN 149:2001 CE certification for Class FFP2 NR.

This product is available in Filtra® brand or private label/OEM.

Performance Features:

  • 100% ultrasonically machine manufactured
  • Cost efficiencies through automation
  • Higher quality product finishing
  • Hygienic automated production processes
  • Ergonomic design permits perfect fit on any face shape
  • Minimal face contact more comfortable and less irritation
  • Large breathing chamber allows longer use, more comfort and better performance by the user
  • Excellent inhalation/exhalation performance
  • Enhanced visibility for users wearing goggles/specs
  • High performance engineered fabrics and eletro statically charged filter media, result in a lightweight and compact respirator
  • Soft twin wired 8.5 mm aluminum nose clip moulds easily on the nose to prevent leakage, mist and perspiration.
  • 4 mm soft latex free Lycra head straps with extra elongation combine comfort with sufficient pullback for secure face fit.