Anti-Fog Masks


Filtra® 4-Ply Anti Fog masks are 4-Ply Fluid Repellent Surgical Masks with an extended nose clip covered by an anti-glare black strip on the mask front and a soft PU foam cushion on the back of the mask underneath the nose clip. This creates an additional seal under the nose clip which prevents the air leakage from the user fogging up their spectacles or visor shield. The same 4-Ply mask is used in the premium range of Filtra® Visor masks, however this model of the mask comes without the Visor shield and is called Filtra® Anti-Fog Mask.

This product is available in Filtra® brand or private label/OEM. Client packaging can be developed as per the requirement in boxes or pouches for hospital requirements.

Performance Features:

  • 4-Ply Fluid Repellent Surgical Mask
  • Adheres to EN 14683 Type II R
  • BFE & PFE > 99%
  • Low breathing resistance/ Delta P < 49,0 Pa
  • Anti-Glare Black strip on the front of the mask
  • Extended Length 130 mm soft PE coated malleable aluminium wire
  • Extended Length 130 mm PU Foam strip on inner side of mask to provide an additional air leakage seal and enhance user comfort on the nose
  • Strong 90 cm x 40 Gsm Tie Bands or 4mm soft Lycra elastic ear loops
  • Available in Green/Blue/White/Pink/Yellow/Cartoon