Activated Carbon Masks


Filtra®Activated Carbon Mask is a four layer (4-Ply) flat pleated mask containing a layer of activated carbon impregnated non-woven and an additional layer of Meltblown filter media. Activated carbon is a highly porous and adsorbent material which allows a liquid, gas or dissolved solid to adhere to its surface. This mask offers the highest possible filtration protection after particulate respirators, but at a more economical price point. Therefore, it provides an excellent alternative and affordable mask for air pollution, industrial safety and medical/dental professions where odour adsorption is required.

This flat pleated mask is available in the universal size of 175 x 95 mm and kids/ladies size of 145 x 95 mm.

Performance Features:

  • BFE – Bacteria Filtration Efficiency of 99.9 % (EN 14683:2005)
  • PFE – Particulate Filtration Efficiency of 99.9 % with 0.1 Microns/µm (ASTM F2299)
  • VFE – Viral Filtration Efficiency of 99.9% (ASTM F2101)
  • Fluid Repellency of > 160 mmHg (ASTM F1862)
  • Air Breathability (delta P) of < 49, 0 Pa (EN 14683:2005)
  • Meets FFP1 Level of Indian Standard IS 9374 for Particulate Respirator Masks (Tested at Central Labour Institute, Ministry of Labour). NaCl Test at 95 Litres/Minute. Filters > 80%.

This product is available in Filtra® brand or private label/OEM. Client packaging can be developed as per the requirement in boxes or pouches for retail sales.