Beard Covers / Nets

Large size Beard Net made of light breathable medical grade nonwoven fabric. Soft comfortable thread elastic for secure positioning and ergonomic fit over the user’s face. Protects environment from hair shedding from the users beard or mustache. Ideal for use by bearded gents in hygienic areas such as food/dairy processing.

Laminated Dental Bibs

  • Laminated PP Spunbond Dental Bib
  • Fluid Repellent
  • Tie bands to secure around patient neck
  • Protects dental patient during examination or procedure
  • Commonly used in Hair Salons/Beauty Parlors during hair washing
  • General use for elderly or young patients as a disposable bib while feeding

Surgeon’s Hood (Monkey Cap)

  • A Surgeon’s Hood is larger than the standard surgeon’s cap. It covers the side/back of the head and neck, as well as the ears and front of the neck and forehead.
  • Often used in conjunction with a Visor Mask to give complete coverage to the user’s head and neck, eliminating all skin exposure, above the collar.
  • Commonly used by Orthopedic Surgeons or in OT
  • Standard product available in 25 Gsm PP Spunbond. Blue/Green/White.

Leggings / Booties

  • Knee length foot and lower leg protective garment
  • 25 Gsm strong and durable PP spunbond nonwoven fabric
  • Soft elastic at the ankle and top for a secure fit and positioning
  • Used in environments, when extra protection is required or for the user’s additional protection

Lab Coat with Pocket

  • Knee length disposable lab coat
  • Front right side pocket
  • 40 Gsm PP Spunbond – White
  • Front velcro fastening
  • Used by: Chemists, Pharmacists, Dentists, Doctors, Lab Technicians, Scientists, etc.

Bed Sheet & Pillow Covers

  • Set of disposable bed sheet and pillow cover with flap
  • Standard product 25 Gsm White/Blue/Green PP Spunbond
  • Also available in SMS or Laminated fabric for fluid repellency
  • Bed Sheet 1.6 M width x 2.25 M length fits comfortably on hospital beds
  • Pillow Cover with flap comfortably fits large size pillows

Hood with Visor Shield

  • Slip on protective hood in 40 Gsm PP Spunbond Yellow
  • Stitched in anti fogging visor
  • Internal ties to secure hood in position
  • Used along with high protection surgical mask or N95 respirator in where high levels of airborne and fluid protection required
  • Complete protection and coverage above the shoulders